2018 summary – blog (ENG)

(Polska wersja tekstu)

(I also summarized 2018 in the aspect of role-playing games and books)

It’s time to summarize the first five months of this blog. The first posts appeared on August 3, 2018. From that time until the end of last year, the blog was visited by 875 people, and the total number of views of all posts is 2,045. You gave me a total of 24 likes and 16 comments. Four readers became followers of the blog (another two joined in the first week of 2019).

I was suprised when my post about San Marino has been liked by … Consulate of the Republic of San Marino in the Philippines. Wow!

The number of views of given posts is as follows (excluding posts that had fewer than 17 views):

views 2018

The geographical distribution is as follows (excluding the countries from which I had less than 3 views) – by the way, I am very intrigued by the European Union among countries (I know that the UN has a tiny area that does not belong to any country, but the EU?):

visitors 2018

As for referrers, 655 views came from Facebook, 38 from WordPress Android App, 33 from Google+, 28 from search engines, 22 from WordPress Reader, 15 from fu.netla.pl (Polish website about Freeform Universal RPG) and JoeMonster (Polish satiric website) and 14 from Reddit. Interestingly, the sum of these numbers is far below 2045.

Some thoughts:

  • It would be good to advertise English version of the posts more, because they are generally far less popular than their Polish equivalents. The problem is, whereas I am involved in many Facebook groups about RPG and I can get the consent to link my texts (and then someone clicks on these links), it is not really a case as for other groups and forums.
  • In addition to my old topics (travel and RPG), it seems a good idea to write about books more often, because the book summary of 2018 has earned some attention, even though I did not found any good place to advertise it.
  • Most of my readers are Polish, but relatively few readers of other nationalities are (proportionally) more active in terms of feedback (likes, comments and subscriptions). It motivates me to continue publishing each post in two language versions.
  • It would probably be a good idea to start a fanpage on Facebook … but is a bilingual fanpage a good idea? Do you know any?

I strongly encourage you to comment on what I wrote above – your comments may affect the direction in which I will follow. Or perhaps do you have completely different suggestions?

I am glad that the first week of 2019 looks better in almost all statistics than any week of 2018. Keep it up!

I would like to give my thanks to all my readers, especially those who comment, share or give likes to my posts – you motivate me to continue writing!

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