Scotland 2019 – sightseeing plan (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

My nickname Castelviator means roughly “Castle Traveler” in Latin. But in 2019, I have only visited the Royal Castle in Warsaw so far and it is high time to increase this number. I’m going to Scotland next week. I present a list of places that I would like to see and a few questions bothering me.

Princes_Street_(6190398796) — kopia
View of Edinburgh, source:

I have planned 5 nights in Edinburgh and another 5 in Glasgow, so I will certainly not be able to see everything that I wrote below. However, I always make “excess” plans, so that if an object turns out to be closed, I will know where to go instead. The order of the objects on the list more or less reflects the extent of my desire to see them. I didn’t list places like George Square in Glasgow or Royal Mile in Edinburgh, because I will see them on the way to other objects.


  1. Edinburgh Castle + Princes Street Garden, where the monument of Wojtek the Soldier Bear is located
  2. Craigmillar Castle
  3. St Giles’ Cathedral
  4. National Museum of Scotland + nearby statue of Bobby
  5. Scottish National Gallery
  6. Dean Village
  7. City Chambers + General Maczek’s sculpture
  8. Linlithgow Palace
  9. University of Edinburgh
  10. Scottish Parliament
  11. Palace of Holyroodhouse
  12. The Royal Yacht Britannia

If the weather allows:

  1. Inchcolm Abbey and Island
  2. Calton Hill
  3. Arthur’s Seat
  4. A trip to Kirkcaldy, where the Ravenscraig Castle is located
Wojtek_(bear)_statue_in_Princes_Street_Gardens — kopia
Wojtek’s statue in Edinburgh, source:

St Andrews:

  1. St Andrews Castle
  2. St Andrews Cathedral
  3. University of St. Andrews + St Salvator’s Chapel + St Leonard’s Chapel
  4. Holy Trinity Church
  5. St Andrews Museum


  1. Govan Stones
  2. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum + Kelvingrove Park
  3. Glasgow Cathedral (Cathedral of Saint Mungo) + St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art
  4. Provand’s Lordship + Provand’s Lordship Garden
  5. Glasgow University:
    1. Hunterian Museum
    2. Hunterian Zoology Museum
    3. Hunterian Art Gallery and the Mackintosh House
  6. Riverside Museum
  7. Glasgow Police Museum
  8. Necropolis
  9. Glasgow Science Centre
  10. Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)
Side_View_of_the_Kelvingrove_Art_Museum — kopia
Kelvingrove Art Museum, source:


  1. Stirling Castle
  2. Cambuskenneth Abbey + Battle of Stirling Bridge.
  3. Smith Art Gallery and Museum
  4. Doune Castle (also known as Winterfell)
  5. The National Wallace Monument
  6. The Battle of Bannockburn visitor centre
  7. Stirling Old Town Jail

In addition to Stirling, we are planning a one-day trip from Glasgow to Balloch, on the southern coast of Loch Lomond. This lake is mentioned in the song ‘The Bonnie Banks about’ Loch Lomond‘, performed among many others by The Corries and Peter Hollens.

And now two questions for you:

  1. Have I missed something worth seeing in the above-mentioned cities?
  2. What books about history of Scotland (from antiquity to the 20th century) do you recommend? Ideally, they should be available as e-books. My favorite authors of historical books are Antony Beevor, James M. McPherson, Roger Crowley, Niall Fergusson, Alexandra Richie, Hugh Kennedy, Norman Davies (in this order), so I would like to read something similar in style to those listed 🙂
  3. In order to save space in the suitcase and time, I consider giving up shaving for that time. But won’t I have problems at the Edinburgh airport on my way back, since I don’t have a beard in the passport and ID photos?


Speaking about travelling, I invite you to read my reports from Rimini, San Leo, San Marino and Ravenna 🙂

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