The Cent RPG (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

Together with Tomasz “Szerszen” Misterka we created The Cent RPG – a concise summary of the (slightly modified) rules of one of my favorite games, Freeform Universal RPG, in short FU.


The game together with the Character Sheet fits on one A4 sheet, which should be printed horizontally double-sided and folded into 3 parts.

The main advantages of FU and Cent:

  1. Very simple rules – they can be explained in a few minutes.
  2. These games are truly freeform and universal. I participated (as a player and as a GM) in many FU adventures, in settings such as The Witcher world, Fallout, mythic Greece and others. The heroes explored, fought, casted spells, traded, negotiated and even… planned the city’s development (yes, with some creativity FU rules can be used to such things as well!).
  3. Despite the simplicity of the rules, the combat is (in at least one aspect) more realistic than in many mainstream RPGs, where each character has a pool of health points and is equally effective while having 100% and 20% of them. In the Cent, there are no health points – instead, during each combat round, at least one condition (e.g. bleeding) is imposed on ​​one side (sometimes on both). This significantly hinders the character’s further actions until the condition is healed, and keep in mind that the conditions stack.

I invite you to download the Cent, read and give your feedback!


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