Alzur’s Legacy – first impressions (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

I just watched “Alzur’s Legacy”, a fan film set in the Witcher universe. I’d rate it 6 or 7/10. If you enjoyed the Witcher books and games, I recommend to watch this film (available on YouTube, in Polish with English subtitles), but don’t expect any revelation.


Below are the fresh impressions after the show. I also mention some of my favourite fanfilms set in other universes.


  • Technical aspects: camera, special effects, costumes, locations and props
  • Lots of references to books and games
  • Music, especially the ballad about Triss
  • Lambert is acted very well
  • Triss is acted nicely
  • A nice cameo of Dandelion, played by Zbigniew Zamachowski (who also played him in the Polish TV series of 2002)
  • The character of Mayor
  • Some plot ideas (but there is a long and bumpy road from a good idea to its good implementation)



  • Script in general
  • Many of the key events in the story are either not shown at all (only told about post factum), or they last a split second, or their performance leaves much to be desired.
  • Rap song at the end credits, following the beautiful ballad and spoiling its effect.
  • The main antagonist (whose name does not appear in the film, only in the end credits) had some potential but it was unused.
  • Julian – in my opinion the movie would be much better without this character.


When speaking about fanfilms, I recommend some others:

The Hunt For Gollum (set in the Lord of the Rings universe – in my opinion it is much better than “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”)…


Dark Resurrection (set in Star Wars universe, an Italian film with subtitles in 11 languages – in my opinion it is much better than “The Force Awakens” or “The Last Jedi”)…


… and funny Nuka Break (set in Fallout universe – season 1, season 2).



Returning to “Alzur’s Legacy”, I list more advantages and disadvantages below…








  • Dandelion’s last words and scene on the Brenna battlefield – the only moments that evoked some emotions in me
  • Doppler
  • The Lodge of Sorceresses
  • Post-credit scene


  • Ornella character is ruined for me – at first she is dark enough, but in the end she joins forces with Triss (after allying with the Bad Guy) and then she surrenders!
  • The relationship between Julian and Ornella.
  • The fights between the Bad Guy and the witchers don’t convince me at all. First, he smashes the witchers easily. Then, in the middle of the final fight, Lambert suddenly apparently levels up and finishes Bad Guy without any problem.
  • Since the arrest warrants for witchers are hung everywhere (which is a bit strange in itself, since Lambert remains the only survivor for 10 years), Lambert should have taken some effort to conceal his identity.
  • The heroes show great naivety at the end – since they knew that Doppler served Ornella, they should not trust him when he says that the Alzur’s book is gone. Especially after Ornella’s farewell speech copied from Gandalf in “The Two Towers”!
  • In general, the ending is unsatisfactory – it is a pity that it was not shown what the Lodge did with Ornella.


How did you like this movie? Do you recommend other fanfilms? And are you waiting for the Netflix Witcher series?


I already mentioned the Witcher a couple of times – in RPG context:

P.S. Speaking about Witcher fan art, I recently came across an interesting French version of the vampire’s song from “The Witcher 3” trailer  (and the “Blood and Wine” expansion).

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