What I read in February 2019 (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

In February 2019, I read 6 books, 4 of which delighted me:

Włam się do mózgu. Radosław Kotarski (book not available in English so far)

Before writing “Break into the brain”, Radosław Kotarski had read numerous articles and scientific books on learning methods, which he then tested himself. The conclusions of this amazing experiment are contained in this addictive book. It presents 13 learning methods with such graceful names as “the boxing master’s method” or “the memory palace method”.

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What I read in January 2019 (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

styczen — kopia

In 2019, I read 60 books, mainly e-books. It’s time to tell about them, this time in a different form than in the case of the literary summary of 2018. This time I want to write more about each book I read, so separate posts for each month of the last year will work better.

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2018 summary – books (ENG)

(Polska wersja tekstu)

(I also summarized 2018 in the aspects of role-playing games and blogging)

Role-playing games and travelling are not my only hobbies. I love reading since childhood, thanks to my parents and the ladies from the school library, who recommended me books of Jules Verne and Alfred Szklarski in the first year of primary school.

Old Polish edition of “In Search of the Castaways

The year 2018 brought a significant change in my reading habits. I have no room for more paper books at home, so I bought an e-book reader. As for now, I am very happy with this change, for several reasons:

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