Dublin – sightseeing plan (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

I have been dreaming of visiting Ireland for years. I am planning a week in Dublin and the surrounding area to start with. I present the initial plan of the visit – please take into account that I like sightseeing VERY thoroughly and taking A LOT of photos.

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Spirit and Substance in Korean Art – impressions from the exhibition (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

Until 12th January, in National Museum in Warsaw you can see an exhibition “Splendour and Finesse. Spirit and Substance in Korean Art” (prepared in partnership with the National Museum of Korea in Seoul). I visited it last weekend and it impressed me, so I decided to share my impressions.

The exhibition presents artifacts from different eras – from prehistoric times to the late nineteenth century.

There are few objects from the earliest times. Paleolithic handaxes or bronze horse-shaped buckles…

Source: own. Photo licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

… are only a foretaste of what is next.

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