What I read in January 2019 (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

styczen — kopia

In 2019, I read 60 books, mainly e-books. It’s time to tell about them, this time in a different form than in the case of the literary summary of 2018. This time I want to write more about each book I read, so separate posts for each month of the last year will work better.

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RPG – 2019 summary (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

2019 was the third year in a row of my intensive development in the field of role-playing games. Slightly smaller number of sessions than in 2018 was more than compensated for by their (usually) very high quality.


I also took part in RPG contests for the first time. “The Awakening of Malta” did not win the hearts of the Jury of the Quentin contest for best RPG scenario. “Rotunda of Seasonus”, which I created together with Tomasz Misterka, was more lucky and won the third award in the contest for best RPG dungeon. I plan to translate both works into English and publish them here.

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Spirit and Substance in Korean Art – impressions from the exhibition (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

Until 12th January, in National Museum in Warsaw you can see an exhibition “Splendour and Finesse. Spirit and Substance in Korean Art” (prepared in partnership with the National Museum of Korea in Seoul). I visited it last weekend and it impressed me, so I decided to share my impressions.

The exhibition presents artifacts from different eras – from prehistoric times to the late nineteenth century.

There are few objects from the earliest times. Paleolithic handaxes or bronze horse-shaped buckles…

Source: own. Photo licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

… are only a foretaste of what is next.

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Alzur’s Legacy – first impressions (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

I just watched “Alzur’s Legacy”, a fan film set in the Witcher universe. I’d rate it 6 or 7/10. If you enjoyed the Witcher books and games, I recommend to watch this film (available on YouTube, in Polish with English subtitles), but don’t expect any revelation.


Below are the fresh impressions after the show. I also mention some of my favourite fanfilms set in other universes.

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The Cent RPG (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

Together with Tomasz “Szerszen” Misterka we created The Cent RPG – a concise summary of the (slightly modified) rules of one of my favorite games, Freeform Universal RPG, in short FU.


The game together with the Character Sheet fits on one A4 sheet, which should be printed horizontally double-sided and folded into 3 parts.

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Scotland 2019 – sightseeing plan (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

My nickname Castelviator means roughly “Castle Traveler” in Latin. But in 2019, I have only visited the Royal Castle in Warsaw so far and it is high time to increase this number. I’m going to Scotland next week. I present a list of places that I would like to see and a few questions bothering me.

Princes_Street_(6190398796) — kopia
View of Edinburgh, source: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plik:Princes_Street_(6190398796).jpg

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To trust in science (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

So far I have only written about my hobbies on this blog. However, there are other topics that I consider very important, such as the value of science and trust in it.

The value of science

Humanity has traveled a long way from hunting mammoths to space flights. However, the pace of our development over the centuries has not been constant. It has accelerated since the seventeenth century, when the first scientific societies, such as the Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the Royal Society and the French Academy of Sciences were settled.

Seal of Leopoldina. Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Academia_Caesarea_Leopoldino-Carolina_Naturae_Curiosorum.jpg (public domain)

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Simulative and narrative role-playing games (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

Role-playing games (RPGs) are very diverse. Among them, two large groups can be distinguished: simulative and narrative systems. Not every RPG can be easily attributed into one of those groups. In this text I will describe the differences between them.

Dice – essential part of almost every RPG! Source: https://mammothgamers.com/2017/02/best-rpg-dice/

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Dogs in the Vineyard – report from my first session (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

On June 23, 2019 I played a role-playing game called Dogs in the Vineyard, created by D. Vincent Baker. I recommend this review of the game. In short, players re-enact so-called Dogs, members of the quasi-Mormon quasi-Inquisition in setting inspired by the State of Deseret in the 1840s, with quite subtle fantasy elements.

Polish cover: https://polter.pl/rpg/Psy-w-winnicy-c27543

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Abandoned – session report (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

On April 14, 2019, I played role-playing game called The Sword, the Crown and the Unspeakable Power, abbreviated SCUP. The session entitled “Abandoned” appealed to me so much that I decided to describe it here, although so far I only published reports from sessions when I was a Game Master, not a player.

SCUP — kopia

Interestingly, a significant part of the materials needed for the game, including descriptions of all character classes, is available for free on the authors’ website.

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