Scotland 2019 – sightseeing plan (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

My nickname Castelviator means roughly “Castle Traveler” in Latin. But in 2019, I have only visited the Royal Castle in Warsaw so far and it is high time to increase this number. I’m going to Scotland next week. I present a list of places that I would like to see and a few questions bothering me.

Princes_Street_(6190398796) — kopia
View of Edinburgh, source:

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To trust in science (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

So far I have only written about my hobbies on this blog. However, there are other topics that I consider very important, such as the value of science and trust in it.

The value of science

Humanity has traveled a long way from hunting mammoths to space flights. However, the pace of our development over the centuries has not been constant. It has accelerated since the seventeenth century, when the first scientific societies, such as the Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the Royal Society and the French Academy of Sciences were settled.

Seal of Leopoldina. Source: (public domain)

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Simulative and narrative role-playing games (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

Role-playing games (RPGs) are very diverse. Among them, two large groups can be distinguished: simulative and narrative systems. Not every RPG can be easily attributed into one of those groups. In this text I will describe the differences between them.

Dice – essential part of almost every RPG! Source:

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Dogs in the Vineyard – report from my first session (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

On June 23, 2019 I played a role-playing game called Dogs in the Vineyard, created by D. Vincent Baker. I recommend this review of the game. In short, players re-enact so-called Dogs, members of the quasi-Mormon quasi-Inquisition in setting inspired by the State of Deseret in the 1840s, with quite subtle fantasy elements.

Polish cover:

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Abandoned – session report (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

On April 14, 2019, I played role-playing game called The Sword, the Crown and the Unspeakable Power, abbreviated SCUP. The session entitled “Abandoned” appealed to me so much that I decided to describe it here, although so far I only published reports from sessions when I was a Game Master, not a player.

SCUP — kopia

Interestingly, a significant part of the materials needed for the game, including descriptions of all character classes, is available for free on the authors’ website.

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Return to the sphinx’s lair – session report

(Polska wersja)

On March 17, 2019, I run the second session of “Bronze and Iron”, continuation of “A quest for the statue of Poseidon“.

The Heroes (in alphabetical order):

  • Kassandros – an inexperienced but honorable warrior devoted to Atena
  • Pelagios – a man of many talents, including seafaring, craftsmanship and medicine
  • Selina – worshipper of Artemis, a huntress who hunts not only animals, but also opportunities for enrichment

Epeisodion (Scene) I: The plan

The Archons of Tripolis announced that there are no buyers for metallurgical products of the city, and Tripolis very much needs commercial partners and military allies, because the armed forces of the city are very few and there are rumors about Dorian invasion coming from the north.

Dorian invasion. Source:

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A quest for the statue of Poseidon – session report

(Polska wersja)

As I announced at the end of my 2018 RPG summary, I’m working on my own role-playing game “Bronze and Iron”, based on the Freeform Universal RPG rules, and the setting is Mediterranean region after the collapse of the Bronze Age civilizations.

On March 3, 2019, it was time to test my new ideas in practice. I run a five-hour session for four players, called “A quest for the statue of Poseidon”.

Lateran_Poseidon — kopia

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2018 summary – blog (ENG)

(Polska wersja tekstu)

(I also summarized 2018 in the aspect of role-playing games and books)

It’s time to summarize the first five months of this blog. The first posts appeared on August 3, 2018. From that time until the end of last year, the blog was visited by 875 people, and the total number of views of all posts is 2,045. You gave me a total of 24 likes and 16 comments. Four readers became followers of the blog (another two joined in the first week of 2019).

I was suprised when my post about San Marino has been liked by … Consulate of the Republic of San Marino in the Philippines. Wow!

The number of views of given posts is as follows (excluding posts that had fewer than 17 views):

views 2018

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2018 summary – books (ENG)

(Polska wersja tekstu)

(I also summarized 2018 in the aspects of role-playing games and blogging)

Role-playing games and travelling are not my only hobbies. I love reading since childhood, thanks to my parents and the ladies from the school library, who recommended me books of Jules Verne and Alfred Szklarski in the first year of primary school.

Old Polish edition of “In Search of the Castaways

The year 2018 brought a significant change in my reading habits. I have no room for more paper books at home, so I bought an e-book reader. As for now, I am very happy with this change, for several reasons:

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2018 summary – RPG (ENG)

(Polska wersja tekstu)

(I also summarized 2018 in the aspects of books and blogging)

The year 2018 has come to its end, so it’s time to summarize it and present plans for 2019. As the last texts on the blog concerned role-playing games (RPGs), I will discuss them in the first place.


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