Alzur’s Legacy – first impressions (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

I just watched “Alzur’s Legacy”, a fan film set in the Witcher universe. I’d rate it 6 or 7/10. If you enjoyed the Witcher books and games, I recommend to watch this film (available on YouTube, in Polish with English subtitles), but don’t expect any revelation.


Below are the fresh impressions after the show. I also mention some of my favourite fanfilms set in other universes.

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The Cent RPG (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

Together with Tomasz “Szerszen” Misterka we created The Cent RPG – a concise summary of the (slightly modified) rules of one of my favorite games, Freeform Universal RPG, in short FU.


The game together with the Character Sheet fits on one A4 sheet, which should be printed horizontally double-sided and folded into 3 parts.

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Dogs in the Vineyard – report from my first session (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

On June 23, 2019 I played a role-playing game called Dogs in the Vineyard, created by D. Vincent Baker. I recommend this review of the game. In short, players re-enact so-called Dogs, members of the quasi-Mormon quasi-Inquisition in setting inspired by the State of Deseret in the 1840s, with quite subtle fantasy elements.

Polish cover:

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Psy w Winnicy – relacja z pierwszej sesji (PL)

(English version)

23 czerwca 2019 r. w ramach inicjatywy “Czas na Przygodę”, organizowanej przez stowarzyszenie Avangarda, zagrałem w grę fabularną o nazwie Psy w Winnicy (ang. Dogs in the Vineyard) autorstwa Vincenta Bakera. Polecam tę recenzję owej gry. W skrócie, gracze wcielają się w niej w tytułowe Psy, czyli członków quasi-mormońskiej quasi-inkwizycji w realiach nawiązujących do stanu Deseret w latach 40. XIX wieku, z dość subtelnymi elementami fantasy.

Okładka polskiego wydania, źródło:

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Abandoned – session report (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

On April 14, 2019, I played role-playing game called The Sword, the Crown and the Unspeakable Power, abbreviated SCUP. The session entitled “Abandoned” appealed to me so much that I decided to describe it here, although so far I only published reports from sessions when I was a Game Master, not a player.

SCUP — kopia

Interestingly, a significant part of the materials needed for the game, including descriptions of all character classes, is available for free on the authors’ website.

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Porzucone – relacja z sesji (PL)

(English version)

14 kwietnia 2019 r. w ramach inicjatywy “Czas na Przygodę”, organizowanej przez stowarzyszenie Avangarda, zagrałem w grę fabularną o nazwie The Sword, The Crown and The Unspeakable Power, w skrócie SCUP. Sesja pod tytułem „Porzucone” spodobała mi się tak bardzo, że zdecydowałem się zrelacjonować ją na blogu, choć dotychczas publikowałem tylko relacje z sesji, w których byłem Mistrzem Gry, a nie graczem.

SCUP — kopia

Co ciekawe, znaczna część materiałów potrzebnych do gry, w tym opisy wszystkich klas postaci, jest dostępna za darmo na stronie twórców.

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CSI: Novigrad – a scenario for FAE

(Polska wersja tekstu)

According to the announcement in the report from the “CSI: Novigrad” adventure, I publish its scenario, so that you can run this adventure yourselves. You can read it below or download it from here.

While I was creating the scenario, I took into account the advice from the great blog of Justin Alexander, in particular this and this text.

Player Characters:

The scenario was made for the Player Characters created by my players: Inquisitor Godfrey and Witchress Catherine, whose characters sheets are below. I also add the sorcerer Visemir of Zavada, who did not star in the original adventure, but I think he would have suited very well. You can play these or another characters, provided that they are somehow related to Anabelle Radfind – they can be her relatives, friends, confreres or investigators of her alleged connections with the Cult of the Lionheaded Spider. One of the players can roleplay Anabelle herself, if they are okay with roleplaying a character who begins the game in dimieritium manacles and about to be hanged.

Note: the text assumes knowledge of FAE terminology (e.g. what the word “mook” means in its context). FAE’s Systems Reference Document (SRD) is available for free here and the full manual for “pay what you want” here.

FATE-Accelerated-_bn41553 — kopia

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CSI: Novigrad

(Polska wersja tekstu)

(A scenario of this session)

Soon after my first Witcher session, I learned that Michał Dzidt was inspired by several earlier Role-Playing Games while creating OHET. One of them is Fate. After a brief introduction to the simplified version of this system, Fate Accelerated Edition (abbreviated FAE), I wanted to test it in practice. I also craved more Witcher adventures, which was intensified by the fact that I was playing “Witcher III: The Wild Hunt” at the time. However, players roleplaying Casimir, Nat and Mar live quite far away from me, so we meet rarely and more than year have passed before the second session with them. Fortunately, two other friends of mine have expressed interest in playing FAE in the Witcher universe. They created the following characters:

Godfrey, an inquisitor and ardent follower of Eternal Fire


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Kryminalne zagadki Novigradu

(English version)

(Scenariusz, na podstawie którego toczyła się ta sesja)

Wkrótce po pierwszej wiedźmińskiej sesji dowiedziałem się, że Michał „Kuglarz” Dzidt, tworząc OHET, inspirował się kilkoma wcześniejszymi systemami, między innymi Fate. Po pobieżnym zapoznaniu się z uproszczoną wersją tego systemu, Fate Accelerated Edition (w skrócie FAE), zapragnąłem przetestować go w praktyce. Odczuwałem ponadto niedosyt wiedźmińskich przygód, spotęgowany tym, że grałem wówczas w komputerowego Wiedźmina 3. Jednak gracze wcielający się w Kazimierza, Nat i Mar mieszkają w Łomży a ja w Warszawie, spotykamy się więc rzadko – kontynuację pierwszej sesji udało się zorganizować po blisko półtora roku. Na szczęście w międzyczasie dwoje innych moich znajomych wyraziło zainteresowanie zagraniem w FAE w wiedźmińskim uniwersum. Wykreowali następujące postaci (szczegóły na ich temat znajdziecie w scenariuszu):

Gotfryd, inkwizytor i gorliwy wyznawca Wiecznego Ognia.


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The treasures of Vizima

(Polska wersja tekstu)

On November 24, 2018, I run the second session of the Witcher campaign with Casimir, Nat and Mar as the Player Characters. For various reasons, we changed the system from OHET to FU, so it took us a while to convert character cards.

The previous session ended when the heroes reached Vizima and sold some of the loot taken on Scoia’tael.

After concluding the barter, they noticed another shop opposite, with a signboard showing two crossed swords and the griffin’s head and the advertising slogan “Witcher products GMO-free“.

Upon entering, they felt the mixture of exotic fragrances that attacked their nostrils. The assortment of the store included a lot of mysterious bottles and jars, bombs and traps, as well as daggers, arrows and bolts which were glinting silvery in the sun shining into the interior.

Behind the counter there was a gray-haired man who interrupted the writing of the book at the sight of the entering customers. Nat had noticed the title of the book: “On fleders, bruxas, katakans, tax collectors and other bloodsuckers“. The seller stood up and the heroes could see him better:


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