Separation of powers and immersion in RPG (ENG)

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To my knowledge, until recently in role-playing games there was a strict and clear division of powers between players and the Game Master. The player controlled their character, GM – the rest of the world. In exceptional situations, the GM could even control the player’s character, e.g. when the character was possessed / charmed / hypnotized, etc.

For some time (at least since the Apocalypse World), however, a different tendency can be observed, especially in narrative systems. They encourage the GM to delegate some of their competences to players.

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RPGs about factions pt. 3 – Worldfall and Free from the Yoke (ENG)

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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, the subject of the second part of this cycle, has many followers – games from the Worlds of Legacy series. One of them is Worldfall, a game about building a colony on a planet that is also an intelligent, conscious being. The rulebook is only 66 pages long and is based on the assumption that the players know the Legacy rules. The author, Katherine Cross, points to Star Trek, Eclipse Phase and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri as sources of inspiration. Personally, I also think of Isaac Asimov’s “Nemesis” and “Cibola Burn“, the fourth volume of the Expanse series.

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RPGs about factions pt. 2 – Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (ENG)

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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (2nd Edition from 2018) (hereinafter “Legacy”) is a post-apo game by UFO Press. The authors mention as sources of inspiration other role-playing games (of course Apocalypse World, but also Burning Wheel), video games (Fallout, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.), movies (Mad Max) and literature (A Canticle for Leibowitz).

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The Cent RPG (ENG)

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Together with Tomasz “Szerszen” Misterka we created The Cent RPG – a concise summary of the (slightly modified) rules of one of my favorite games, Freeform Universal RPG, in short FU.


The game together with the Character Sheet fits on one A4 sheet, which should be printed horizontally double-sided and folded into 3 parts.

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Simulative and narrative role-playing games (ENG)

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Role-playing games (RPGs) are very diverse. Among them, two large groups can be distinguished: simulative and narrative systems. Not every RPG can be easily attributed into one of those groups. In this text I will describe the differences between them.

Dice – essential part of almost every RPG! Source:

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