Alzur’s Legacy – first impressions (ENG)

(Polska wersja)

I just watched “Alzur’s Legacy”, a fan film set in the Witcher universe. I’d rate it 6 or 7/10. If you enjoyed the Witcher books and games, I recommend to watch this film (available on YouTube, in Polish with English subtitles), but don’t expect any revelation.


Below are the fresh impressions after the show. I also mention some of my favourite fanfilms set in other universes.

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2018 summary – RPG (ENG)

(Polska wersja tekstu)

(I also summarized 2018 in the aspects of books and blogging)

The year 2018 has come to its end, so it’s time to summarize it and present plans for 2019. As the last texts on the blog concerned role-playing games (RPGs), I will discuss them in the first place.


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CSI: Novigrad – a scenario for FAE

(Polska wersja tekstu)

According to the announcement in the report from the “CSI: Novigrad” adventure, I publish its scenario, so that you can run this adventure yourselves. You can read it below or download it from here.

While I was creating the scenario, I took into account the advice from the great blog of Justin Alexander, in particular this and this text.

Player Characters:

The scenario was made for the Player Characters created by my players: Inquisitor Godfrey and Witchress Catherine, whose characters sheets are below. I also add the sorcerer Visemir of Zavada, who did not star in the original adventure, but I think he would have suited very well. You can play these or another characters, provided that they are somehow related to Anabelle Radfind – they can be her relatives, friends, confreres or investigators of her alleged connections with the Cult of the Lionheaded Spider. One of the players can roleplay Anabelle herself, if they are okay with roleplaying a character who begins the game in dimieritium manacles and about to be hanged.

Note: the text assumes knowledge of FAE terminology (e.g. what the word “mook” means in its context). FAE’s Systems Reference Document (SRD) is available for free here and the full manual for “pay what you want” here.

FATE-Accelerated-_bn41553 — kopia

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The treasures of Vizima

(Polska wersja tekstu)

On November 24, 2018, I run the second session of the Witcher campaign with Casimir, Nat and Mar as the Player Characters. For various reasons, we changed the system from OHET to FU, so it took us a while to convert character cards.

The previous session ended when the heroes reached Vizima and sold some of the loot taken on Scoia’tael.

After concluding the barter, they noticed another shop opposite, with a signboard showing two crossed swords and the griffin’s head and the advertising slogan “Witcher products GMO-free“.

Upon entering, they felt the mixture of exotic fragrances that attacked their nostrils. The assortment of the store included a lot of mysterious bottles and jars, bombs and traps, as well as daggers, arrows and bolts which were glinting silvery in the sun shining into the interior.

Behind the counter there was a gray-haired man who interrupted the writing of the book at the sight of the entering customers. Nat had noticed the title of the book: “On fleders, bruxas, katakans, tax collectors and other bloodsuckers“. The seller stood up and the heroes could see him better:


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Outstanding Heroes and the Secrets of the Game Master

(Polska wersja)

(Click to read the report from the RPG session, which is supplemented by this text.)

In the last days of April 2017, I came up with the idea of running an RPG session (or sessions) during the May long weekend in the so-called sandbox style, described i.a. here or here. In 2016, I run several such sessions of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay II edition (WFRP II ed), but despite all my liking of the Old World (and especially Border Princes, where the action of those sessions took place), I wanted to try another setting, and more importantly, another system.

At the time, Michał Dzidt, presented the early version of his own system, which he called OHET. I looked through this short rulebook and found that it suited my needs to a great extent. In OHET there are no experience levels, or health points, or the range of weapons and spells carefully measured in meters (or worse, Imperial units). Only 2 out of 6 possible test results are plain, “succeeded/failed”, and the other 4 results force the Game Master to be more creative, which encourages a varied gameplay.

OHET’s rulebook is available on DriveThruRPG: for free in a version without illustrations and just for 5 $ in the version with (very nice) illustrations.


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Outstanding Heroes… and the Witcher

(Polska wersja)

(Other reports from this campaign: first session from the Game Master’s point of view; second session.)

As I mentioned in the first text on this blog, I want to write about various topics that are interesting to me. The time has come for something else than the travel reports: a completely new topic, namely one of my favorite hobbies: role-playing games (RPG). However, I do not abandon the travel reports, the new ones will appear sooner or later.

For those who are not familiar with RPG, I highly recommend reading this text and watching this film (it’s in Polish, but there are English subtitles available) first.

Meanwhile, I invite you to a report from two sessions played in the system named Outstanding Heroes and Extraordinary Threats, in short OHET (this is how the game is most often called, so I am going to use this abbreviation).

The setting in which the action took place is a universe known from the excellent books of Andrzej Sapkowski and equally excellent (although Mr. Sapkowski may not agree) video games about the Witcher by CD Projekt.

Caution: books and games set in the Witcher’s world are full of cruelty, and during the session described here it was also not avoided. You have been warned.

The three players created the following Heroes:

Casimir, a deserter, trapper and furrier, coming from Beeches (in Kaedwen).


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